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Democrats ‘Outraged’ by Charlottesville Convince Trump to Arm Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

MAX PARRY—In western media, the term “oligarchs” is being ubiquitously used to describe the political class dominant in Eastern Europe, which is the absolute height of hypocrisy since this class accumulated its wealth from the rapid privatization of state assets facilitated by the west. Widespread bankruptcy, closure of factories and rise in unemployment occurred in the Ukraine after the neoliberal robbery of its state property just like in Russia, as Naomi Klein illustrated in her unequaled work The Shock Doctrine. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the priority for the west has been to pull Ukraine into the EU sphere of influence and away from Russia while expanding NATO to its borders.


The Russians Didn’t Do It

GREGORY BARRETT—The Russians did not support and arm Saddam Hussein in Iraq for years, ignoring his brutal crimes against his own Shiite population and backing him in his war of aggression against Iran. That would be, yet again (but you’ve guessed it by now) the United States, which later — embarrassingly! but some of these people simply refuse to behave at some point — found itself spending vast sums of money to massacre a large part of his army, and still later … but we’ll get to that shortly.