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North Korea – an Agent of Peace ?

PETER KOENIG—Could this be an eye-opener for the world, showing how fake the entire UN-operation has become, how subservient to the paymaster they have become? Could this be a signal for China and Russia that their non-veto, their submission to the bully, for whatever strategic reason they may have had – was a mistake? – Or would they simply claim credit for what is happening – that threats and sanctions do work?


Gallup: Americans Distrust News Media — Especially Online

ERIC ZUESSE—69% of Americans in this poll agreed with “Owners of news outlets attempting to infuence the ways stories are reported” constitutes “a major problem,” and most others thought it to be “a minor problem”; so, this “problem” might be the biggest single reason why Americans distrust the ‘news’: capitalism provides a press that reflects the interests of the owners and their advertisers — the interests of the rich — not the interests of the general public.