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(VIDEO) Ron Paul Denounces US/Israeli Role in Iran Disturbances

Despite the fact we have no commonality of vision at all with libertarianism due to its ahistorical support for a fairytale capitalism, we do have a great deal of respect for those libertarians, like Dr Ron Paul, who are not afraid to denounce Western imperialism’s meddling and depredations across the globe and the constant push for intimidation and war. Here’s an example of his principled stance on these issues:


Iran – Regime Change Agents Hijack Economic Protests; US prepares a new phase

MOON OF ALABAMA—For the Iranian politicians and police the issue is tricky. Economic protests are clearly justified with even Khameni voicing support for the issue. But rioting in the streets must be suppressed before it further escalates and becomes uncontrollable. Weapons on the protesters site firing in all directions may soon become a problem. The Mossad and the MEK are not shy of killing random people.


Trump, North Korea, Iran. Some Facts and “the instinct to attack.”

FELICITY ARBUTHNOT—The writer asks: “How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII?” He answers himself: “Possibly 10,000.” It is surely a reflection of desperation for peace and disgust at where humanity is being led, that the meticulously researched piece was shared over seventy seven thousand times on the one quoted site alone. No wonder the US government is so keen to crush and corral the Internet.