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In Defense of Caitlin Johnstone

As Naomi Klein has convincingly argued, the political left—the biggest advocate of deliberative democracy—is marginalized at a time when humanity needs our voices most. The worst of CP is everything that contributes to the marginalization. Such as “poisoning the wells”READ ON

Thought Crimes On The Left (Reposted)

In truth, what seems to really rub these self-appointed arbiters of (allegedly) leftist purity the wrong way is that Johnstone has come right out and called bullshit on a few key sacred propaganda cows. She has made the mistake of pointing outREAD ON

Elections: Absenteeism, Boycotts and the Class Struggle James Petras

  Oligarchic politicians depend on the systematic plundering Treasury to facilitate and protect billion dollar/billion euro stock market swindles and the illegal accumulation of trillions of dollars and Euros via tax evasion (capital flight) and money laundering. The results of electionsREAD ON

Václav Havel: another side to the story

Havel’s true political allegiances came to the fore during his years as president. Like fellow dissident Lech Walesa, he supported the Nato bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. In 2002, he sided with the rightwing Republican hawks on Iraq.


On a recent day, the main street of Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi was awash with American flags. Like neighboring Azerbaijan, Georgia is another strategically positioned former Soviet republic in the Caucasus. The occasion for the flag display was the visitREAD ON

Blaming regulation for financial woes? Western analysts are mistaken about China

Professional Western China watchers are almost guaranteed to read the tea leaves wrong. Prisoners of a malicious script, and permitted only to see the economic world through the capitalist rulebook, their analyses are often way off the mark or simplyREAD ON