1. Selections from The Trojan Spy
(Punto Press, 2012)

Written by novelist, veteran journalist, and senior Greanville Post editor Gaither Stewart, this political spy thriller has already received wide acclaim. Says author and activist William Hathaway,

“Gaither Stewart dares to go where other authors fear to tread. In “The Trojan Spy” (and its forthcoming sequels: the two remaining parts of the “Europe Trilogy”) he is not afraid to state the truth that the bad guys are predominantly to be found in the US and its Western allies, whose intelligence agencies are often revealed to be working in a strange symbiotic relationship with groups publicly demonized as “terrorists” – most famously, of course, that creation of the CIA, al-Qaeda, now joined by the agencies’ new tool in North and East Africa: the shadowy “militant Islamist” organization al Shabaab; or in the case of the “Operation Gladio” bombings and murders in the Europe of the ‘70s and ‘80s, with far-right paramilitary groups trained and armed by the CIA and MI6. Their activities are used to provide justification for further wars of geopolitical and economic conquest…”

Amazon reviewer Leslie Longstreet filed the following comment,

5.0 out of 5 stars Complicated, elegant, and disturbing,
May 27, 2012

By Leslie Longstreet (Portland, OR United States) – See all my reviews
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‘The Trojan Spy’ unravels the shroud that obscures power, deception and human nature in international espionage. You can’t read this book without questioning the boundary between current events and imagination, or between right and wrong. As a journalist, Stewart knows how to expose secrets that cannot be ignored; as a novelist, he is a master at introducing deeply flawed characters with compassion and a touch of humor. Complicated, elegant, and disturbing, ‘The Trojan Spy’ is perfect for those of us who crave substance and intellectual challenge in a good read. The Trojan Spy


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