Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance

FW ENGDAHL—In the following work I chronicle what, in truth, is an adaptation of Orwell’s doublethink which might be termed democracy is tyranny. It’s the chronicle of one of the most destructive and one of the most effective operations by the intelligence services of any modern state, including that of Stalin’s Soviet Union or even Hitler’s Goebbels-steered Third Reich. It’s the chronicle of a vast project developed by US intelligence services over decades, going back to the May 1968 CIA student strikes that brought down French President Charles de Gaulle, a determined foe of American global domination.


The Authoritarians Who Silence Questions on Syria

JONATHAN COOK—“Widely dismissed” by … yes, that’s right, Whitaker’s friends in the corporate media! More circular logic. Independent journalists like Bartlett and Beeley are on RT because Whitaker’s chums at British propaganda outlets – like the Guardian and BBC – do not give, and have never given, them a hearing. The Guardian even denied them a right of reply after its US-based technology writer Olivia Solon (whose resume does not mention that she was ever in Syria) was awarded a prominent slot in the paper to smear them as Kremlin propagandists, without addressing their arguments or evidence.


Time, Postmodernism, Science and Capitalism

JIMMIE MOGLIA—just as the film industry is a top-down imposition of official ideology, masqueraded as popular taste, postmodernism is a top-down imposition of a culture exuding from academia, and rooted in the comparatively little known socio-philosophical movement called “Cultural Marxism.” In turn, Cultural Marxism traces its roots to the 1960s and the so-called Frankfurt schools of academics. In my view, “Cultural” and “classical” Marxism have little to do with each other. Yet, cultural Marxism at large has inspired the actual ongoing war against Western European people, nations, culture and values. A war using as weapons the tools of postmodernism, as per the list above.