The Irish Dead: Fighting Fascism in Spain, 1937

by PAULINE MURPHY Crosspost with Counterpunch THIS VERSION WITH A SPECIAL ADDENDUM: Documents and testimony by Communist Party of Ireland regarding Irish Brigadistas During the Spanish Civil War, and commemorative videos of the International Brigades ADDENDUM Addendum 2 Michael Kelly from County Galway was killed during a gun fight with a troop of Francoists and Frank Ryan, the leader ofContinue reading

Sweden’s investigation into Julian Assange was a political frame-up from the outset

For the past several years, the international pseudo-left has barely mentioned Assange’s name. To appease their reactionary gender politics constituency, they would happily throw him to the wolves. These “left” and liberal forces play an objective social role. The realities of neo-colonial invasion, occupation and war are far from pretty. If the thugs of the Pentagon and CIA were left toContinue reading

JOHN PILGER—Getting Assange: the untold story

Books were published, movie deals struck and media careers launched or kick-started on the back of WikiLeaks and an assumption that attacking Assange was fair game and he was too poor to sue. People have made money, often big money, while WikiLeaks has struggled to survive. The previous editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, called the WikiLeaks disclosures, which his newspaperContinue reading

Love vs Pornography, Revolution vs Passivity

By Andre Vltchek Every great love is confusing and often painful. True revolutions are never tidy, never easy, and never faultless. It is because both human love and human passion for progress and change consists of a set of complex emotions and instincts, sometimes clashing, often co-existing somehow inharmoniously, but always creating great whirlpool of passions, which actually makes lifeContinue reading