U.S. Refuses to Adopt a Nuclear Weapon No First Use Pledge – Daniel Ellsberg on RAI

DANIEL ELLSBERG—“In his State of the Union address in 1984,297 Ronald Reagan advanced the resounding and profoundly true proposition that ‘A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.’ What he did not say, and like every other president, never acted as if he meant, was, ‘A nuclear war must never be threatened, or prepared for.’ Preparation for preemption or for carrying out threats of first use or first strike remains the essence of the ‘modernization’ program for strategic nuclear weapons for the last seventy years—prospectively being extended by Presidents Obama and Trump to one hundred years—that has continuously benefited our military-industrial-congressional complex.


A Humane Future: Moral, judicial, and legislative approaches to a world of compassion for animals

LARRY WEISS—A word I’m going to use a lot today is “connectivity.” Connectivity is crucial when you’re talking about the corridors, because two parks that comprise ten thousand acres [combined] next to each other are much more valuable to animals than two parks comprising five thousand acres [each] separated by twenty miles. So what we’re trying to do in the movement is create connectivity between the safe areas. To get the connectivity is hard though. Right now there’s no will in the federal government.