Russia Is Counting on Hezbollah to Help Spearhead Eastern Syria Offensive

If Hezbollah withdraws from the Lebanese border, it will not leave the Syrian side of the borders where it has established static positions, military training cities, and sites for its weapons involved in any forthcoming war with Israel. Syria has become directly involved in this particular Hezbollah-Israel conflict. Hezbollah has also introduced the concept of “the Syrian resistance” in the ideology; thisContinue reading

Irrefutable Proof: Russian Election Meddling Documented!

The current brouhaha is utterly trivial compared to the extreme, direct interference by US government-connected campaign professionals in the election that solidified oligarchy in the former Soviet Union.* Ahoy, out there in the United States of Amnesia… Does anyone remember when Time Magazine was influential?   Share This:

The Rise of the Alt-Center

  The deliberate and ongoing political engineering necessary to give multinationals their global stranglehold was introduced with predictable blowback-inducing results in much of the Middle East when left wing politicians and parties were dissolved at the behest of the US, and dissenters were driven into mosques, creating the present political vacuum that gives people in Muslim-majority countries the ‘choice’ betweenContinue reading

Veterans on the March

In an article published in The Boston Globe (1976), the people’s historian Howard Zinn urged readers to rethink Memorial Day, who we honor that day, and our national priorities. Dr. Zinn wrote: “Memorial Day will be celebrated … by the usual betrayal of the dead, by the hypocritical patriotism of the politicians and contractors preparing for more wars, more gravesContinue reading

The “Great Satan” and the “New Silk Road”

American led global disinformation is one of the biggest obstacles to the reconstruction of humanity along more peaceful, ethical lines. American propaganda and its myriad toxic falsehoods must be defeated for the world—including US citizens—to enjoy peace, security and social justice.  The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to be the victim of US backed terrorism. The Mujahadeen-E Khalq Organization, a violentContinue reading