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The political and social roots of the Democratic Party’s anti-Russia hysteria

By Andre Damon, Senior Political Analyst, Appendix Thus the campaign against Russia expresses the most essential characteristics of the Democratic Party: the marriage of Wall Street, the military/intelligence apparatus and the affluent upper-middle class, mobilized around identity politics. The Democratic Party cannot conduct a fight against Trump on any sort of progressive basis. It is terrified of a mass movementContinue reading

The Democrats Futile Search for Evidence

by RENEE PARSONS Editor’s Note: We absolutely agree with Renee’s analysis of the current Democratic party predicament,  but disagree in one single aspect: we do not think this party is reformable at all. We believe it should be dumped as soon as possible and replaced by a true, Wall Street-independent formation. The Democrats are an impediment to the birth of aContinue reading

Listen Liberals: Russia Is Not Our Enemy

Dan Kovalik, Contributor Labor & Human Rights Lawyer Originally: 02/15/2017 ABOVE: Defacing this page is California politician Adam Schiff, a Democrat, who has been among the most prominent warmongers in the current manufactured crisis. Guys like these are not like the plague; they ARE the plague, and should be treated accordingly. That this nation should have a near total majorityContinue reading

Paper of Record, Tissue of Lies

By Jason Hirthler egendary polemicist I.F. Stone once related a tale from the late 1960s about the Kennedy administration’s hysterical arms race with Moscow. In particular, the fabricated bomber gap. Stone wrote, “…the Air Force does its best to hide from the Congress the true facts about the Soviet air force. Twice during the past year Senator Symington, who feelsContinue reading

The FBI’s Conspiracy Theory of a Trump/Putin Collusion Has No Clothes

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, March 23, 2017 Unable to provide an ounce of evidence that a Trump/Putin conspiracy stole the presidential election from Hillary Clinton, the corrupt US “intelligence” agencies are shifting their focus to social media and to Internet sites such as Alex Jones and Breibart.   Little doubt the FBI investigation will trickle down to Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept,Continue reading

Filmmaker Michael Moore calls on Democrats to declare national emergency over Trump’s “espionage”

Share This: By David Walsh Senior Art, Cinema & Culture Critic, Dateline: 25 March 2017 The political degeneracy of a onetime progressive celebrity. The man who gave us SiCKO has become a reactionary blathering idiot. Moore has enthusiastically adopted the reactionary and diversionary anti-Russian campaign as his own. The documentary maker—along with the rest of the Democratic Party andContinue reading