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The FBI’s Conspiracy Theory of a Trump/Putin Collusion Has No Clothes

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, March 23, 2017 Unable to provide an ounce of evidence that a Trump/Putin conspiracy stole the presidential election from Hillary Clinton, the corrupt US “intelligence” agencies are shifting their focus to social media and to Internet sites such as Alex Jones and Breibart.   Little doubt the FBI investigation will trickle down to Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept,Continue reading

Democrat/CIA/NYT anti-Trump campaign continues, but for all the wrong reasons.

Dispatches from STEPHEN LENDMAN imes editors refuse to accept Hillary’s defeat, continuing a relentless anti-Trump campaign. They consider his main offenses triumphing last November, challenging Obama’s deplorable legacy, and rhetorically wanting improved relations with Russia – reasons enough to want him weakened or removed from office, a shocking indictment of a scoundrel media supported debauched system.  NYT Editors Support White HouseContinue reading

Trump Co-opted to Stay Hardline on Russia

Dispatches from STEPHEN LENDMAN  American geopolitical policy seems like Obama never left. Endless imperial wars rage. The risk of US confrontation with Russia and China remains – by design or accident, nuclear war not off the table as hoped for with Hillary’s defeat. A ray of good news came from Trump’s mid-February press conference, debunking media reports on Russia as “fabricatedContinue reading

The Russia House: A Class Analysis

THE DUOPOLY WATCH | Steven Jonas, MD, MPH Special to The Greanville Post I did see the movie, for I have been a big Sean Connery fan since he hit the big time in that very first James Bond film, “Dr. No.” I don’t recall much of it, but it did involve spycraft, Moscow, the Soviet and British secret services, and, of course,Continue reading