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On Helsinki Summit, fetid backlash, and sane reactions

BLAIR HOPKINS—We all know that The Nation is a respected liberal outfit, and that it is precisely mainstream liberals who have been leading the insane campaign to provoke Russia and topple Trump—at any cost, and yet, Cohen, perhaps because of his privileged position, is able, or manages, to get his dissident viewpoint out, which is certainly salutary for the country and the rest of the world, as sanity and fairness are in extremely short supply at this point in the homeland of the empire.


The CIA Democrats: Part three

PATRICK MARTIN—The 2018 elections could well see a similar process, but in reverse. Angered by the tax cuts for the wealthy and big business, the gutting of social programs like Medicaid and food stamps, the attacks on immigrants and democratic rights more generally, and Trump’s threats of military violence and even nuclear war, millions of working people, however reluctantly, will go to the polls to cast their ballots for the official “opposition,” the Democratic Party, which does not actually oppose Trump at all.