Disinformer Margaret Brennan, of Face the Nation, does her best for the empire, but people notice

[CBS Face the Nation] Margaret Brennan was rude to Senator Rand Paul, talking over him and not allowing him to finish his answers. Her facial expressions, tone of voice and questions made it clear that she supports Haskel becoming director of the CIA. Her excuse for asserting that is that torture was not illegal when Haskel was supervising torture and then destroying potential evidence by destroying the tapes. That torture was “legal” at the time- how crazy was that?- is no excuse for supervising torture and participating in it. That your supervisor says to destroy potential evidence is not an excuse for actually doing so. As Senator Paul said- she could have protested, but she apparently didn’t.


China warns trade war will directly hit US consumers & financial markets

The appalling incompetents and hypocrites in charge of US foreign and domestic policy, (under Trump especially vile as they reek of rancid jingoism), have now determined that a trade war with China is a good idea, as part of (a) showing the misguided Trumpian base —the “deplorables”—that the man is thinking of them—jobs, jobs, jobs—and (b) as part of the empire’s search for ways to isolate and damage China’s trajectory to the top. Buried in all this colossal nonsense is the fact that (c) China never “stole” a single job, as Trump & Co.—and the presstitutes would have us believe—but, quite the opposite, the jobs were “exported” to China and other low-wage nations by a collective, cold-blooded decision of the US corporate ruling class


American Empire: An Act of Collective Madness (Video)

“The basic difference between American imperialism today and American imperialism a century ago is that it is more violent, more far-reaching, and more carefully planned today. But American foreign policy, at least since 1823, has always been assertive, always expansionist, always imperialist. Of course, it has rarely been pushed beyond America’s capabilities. Thus, when the United States was weak, its interventions abroad were mild. When its strength grew, so did its daring. Today, as the most powerful nation on earth, with a technological advance over other countries of mammoth proportions, the United States can be imperialistic on all continents with relative security…”