The story of this kitty is truly remarkable, and highly inspiring. Compassion and justice remain the great virtues we must all honor! Share This:

Environmental Groups as Climate Deniers

Despite the obvious benefits of a change in diet, we have many organizations promoting “sustainable” ranching, predator friendly ranching,” local” dairy farms/ranches or promoting ranching to discourage subdivisions (the condos vs cows debate) while ignoring the much larger problem associatedREAD ON

Gregory Barrett—Can Democracy Save Us?

Does anyone really believe we are even crawling in the direction of real international cooperation with the democratic, pseudo-democratic, fake-democratic and fraudulent sham-democratic jockeying for power kicking up so much dust in the media and the world’s political capitals? CanREAD ON

Cats ringing for dinner—priceless

  With the world literally on the edge of nuclear oblivion, let us give thanks for the good things we have in this life. Why contributing to the Greanville Post is urgent and makes sense. DISCLAIMER What will it takeREAD ON