1958 forgotten film, Roots of Heaven, already talks about combatting elephant extinction.

This film, unfortunately packaged as a melodrama to make it commercially viable, and surprisingly made by John Huston, himself a trophy hunter, shows an idealist fighting to save elephants in a good light. As some may recall, in 1958 theREAD ON

Scientists warn of “biological annihilation” as Earth’s mass extinction accelerates

The authors cite human overpopulation and overconsumption in their study as the primary reasons driving the loss of individual members of various species, as well as the loss of species (two vertebrate species go extinct every year, on average), andREAD ON

Animal Rights Advocates are Significantly Left of Marx, Engels, and Lenin

My support of socialism is directly related to the mechanical effect of economics on animal production, exploitation, and consumption. Socialist societies murder and consume half the animals, per capita, as do capitalist societies. The combined effect of removing profit fromREAD ON

Repentance of a Reformed Mass-Murderer

Appendix Mr Creosote is a character in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. Creosote personifies unlimited gluttony, —both literal and metaphorical, upper class disdain for his “inferiors”, and complete disregard for the suffering inflicted on the numerous creatures he consumesREAD ON


The story of this kitty is truly remarkable, and highly inspiring. Compassion and justice remain the great virtues we must all honor!

Environmental Groups as Climate Deniers

Despite the obvious benefits of a change in diet, we have many organizations promoting “sustainable” ranching, predator friendly ranching,” local” dairy farms/ranches or promoting ranching to discourage subdivisions (the condos vs cows debate) while ignoring the much larger problem associatedREAD ON