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Environmental Groups as Climate Deniers

Despite the obvious benefits of a change in diet, we have many organizations promoting “sustainable” ranching, predator friendly ranching,” local” dairy farms/ranches or promoting ranching to discourage subdivisions (the condos vs cows debate) while ignoring the much larger problem associated with livestock production.  Many “health food” store promote “grass-fed” beef and dairy as if consumption is somehow environmentally beneficial. ShareContinue reading

12-Foot King Cobra Who Was Desperate to Escape Drought Gently Drinks From Water Bottle (VIDEO)

 Natasha Brooks The precious commonality of life on this planet is not often witnessed with such clarity. The treatment of this usually feared but majestic animal by Indian villagers is a lesson to most humans acculturated in dominionistic religions. Dateline: March 29, 2017 Extreme weather conditions and natural disasters can have adverse effects on humans and animals alike. Sometimes changes in weather can cause wild animals toContinue reading

We’ve Let Capitalism Kill the Planet

by CHRISTIAN SORENSEN Oceans suffer greatly. They cover over seventy percent of Earth’s surface and are integral to the prosperity of all known life. Anthropogenic climate change is killing fish stocks and fundamentally changing marine ecosystems. Human activity is depleting oxygen in the oceans. Plastics are everywhere. Humans route roughly 150 million tones of plastic into the oceans each year.Continue reading