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North Carolina Farmers Learned Nothing From Previous Hurricanes as Over 4 Million Animals Drown During Florence

MARTHA ROSENBERG—The volume of animals that factory farmers produce and process is so high, the loss of over four million animals during September’s Hurricane Florence is considered nothing but an “animal cycle” and fully insured. It is not consequential to the factory farm industry––nothing to see here–which nonetheless hides the gruesome photos from the public to whom it might be consequential.


Judge reinstates federal protections for grizzly bears, blocks planned fall hunting season

The number of grizzlies living in the Greater Yellowstone area fell to as low as 136 in 1975, and the bears were among the first species granted protection under the Endangered Species Act. When Lewis and Clark explored the West in the early 1800s, federal officials say, an estimated 50,000-100,000 grizzly bears roamed between the Pacific Ocean and the Great Plains. Today there’s only about 1,700 grizzlies in all of the Lower 48 states, federal officials say, primarily in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Alaska’s population of grizzlies is considered a distinct group.


Let Us Now Praise Infamous Animals

JEFFREY ST CLAIR—So what happened? How did animals come to be viewed as mindless commodities? One explanation is that modernity rudely intruded in the rather frail form of Renè Descartes. The great Cartesian disconnect not only cleaved mind from body, but also severed humans from the natural world. Descartes postulated that animals were mere physical automatons. They were biological machines whose actions were driven solely by bio-physical instincts. Animals lacked the power of cognition, the ability to think and reason. They had a brain but no mind.