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(VIDEO) WORLD NEWS: Pope on Circuses, Animal Rights in Pakistan, and More!

WOLF CLIFTON—Although laws regulating human treatment of animals are common worldwide, only a few recognize animals as having legal rights of their own. If the Sindh Welfare and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act is passed, the Pakistani province will join Switzerland, Germany, Spain, India, New Zealand, Argentina, and Colombia, becoming one of a small but growing number of jurisdictions to acknowledge that animals are sentient persons rather than mere objects to be used.


Watchdog Breaks Government Blackout – LA Zoo Kills Monkeys & Koala, NY Research Breeder Kills Dogs, Camel Bites 3-Year Old at WI Zoo, MO Lab Kills Puppy & Boar, HI Lab Uses Gun for Euthanasia , MO Breeder Abuses Dogs

We have received the following press release. For Immediate Release Monday, March 27, 2017 Contact: Michael Budkie 513-703-9865 LOS ANGELES, CA – A nonprofit national research watchdog group – accusing the U.S. Department of Agriculture under the Trump Administration of   intentionally withholding   from