Reflections on Communism  

  John R. Hall “Like all Americans, I’ve been lied to all my life.” n mid-August of 1948, sweltering summer heat was largely negated by high pressure and the frigid winds of Cold War.  The Second War to End All Wars still smoldered in the recent past, while the witch hunt of McCarthyism loomed on the near horizon.  Of course I knew nothing of this, having only recently earned aContinue reading

Bitter Harvest: Ukrainian nationalist fantasy as film

By Jason Melanovski, 18 March 2017 Directed by George Mendeluk; screenplay by Mendeluk and Richard Bachynsky Hoover The Canadian-produced historical drama Bitter Harvest premiered February 24 in the United States, primarily showing in “art theaters” and in areas of the country with a large Ukrainian population. Bitter Harvest is another attempt to equate the “Holodomor” [death by hunger] in Ukraine with theContinue reading