The Dalai Lama’s remarks on migrants follow a CIA, Nazi and slavery-linked history

MAX PARRY—Unlike far rightists in Eastern Europe or Greece’s Golden Dawn, the Sweden Democrats are part of a slick and optical re-branding of ultra nationalism that emphasizes Islamophobia over anti-Semitism, with other examples such as Ukip and France’s Front National. This pragmatic approach has not gone unpunished, however, as Viktor Orban of Hungary just saw his country slapped with sanctions by the European Parliament for enacting measures restricting immigration as the clash between anti-globalists and neo-liberal ‘inclusive capitalists’ appears to be escalating.


What Bolton needs to understand about Russia and history

JUAN—One would hope that someone of Bolton’s long service would have developed somewhat of a sense of who is doing what, with which and to whom, but it is apparent that his distinguished service in the Maryland National Guard from 1970-1976 (odd, he managed to stay out of Vietnam during those turbulent times) and his appointment oriented times under R.Reagan and both Presidents Bush, did little to educate him in regards to the current, and perhaps past, world. That being said, perhaps Mr. Bolton needs a little education in regards to recent, and not so recent, history concerning Russia and USA.


The Washington Post Wants To Revive A CIA Sponsored Culture war Against Communism

R S AHTHION—Was the Soviet Union then going to invade the United States whilst it was fully occupied with industrialisation and bringing the living standards of the poorest of the country to a higher standard in the 2nd fastest industrialisation the world has ever seen (the first being China). Were they then going to invade the United States in the 30s whilst the Soviet Union was roiled with internal politics then focused on helping Spain from being steam rolled by fascist Italy and Germany (facilitated by the western powers who feigned neutrality whilst helping the Axis powers). Was the invasion going to happen after World war 2 in which the Soviet Union lost 27 million people, saved the world from nazism and their entire country had been bombed to smithereens? At what point in history was the Soviet Union ever going to affect the United States personally?