What Really Happens to Nicaragua, Venezuela and Ecuador
—the metastatic Fifth Columns and other Washington tricks

PETER KOENIG—Washington will not let go easily – or at all, to re-conquer Venezuela into the new Monroe Doctrine, i.e. becoming re-integrated into Washington’s backyard. Imagine this oil-rich country, with the world’s largest hydrocarbon reserves, on the doorsteps of the United Sates’ key refineries in Texas, just about 3 to 4 days away for a tanker from Venezuela, as compared to 40 to 45 days from the Gulf, where the US currently gets about 60% of its petrol imports. An enormous difference in costs and risks, i.e. each shipment has to sail through the Iran-controlled Strait of Hormuz.


Eric Schechter: Out of the capitalist fog

ERIC SCHECHTER—The starting position is to not be awake at all. In this stage, you simply aren’t paying any attention to the news. Perhaps you vote once every four years, and that is the extent of your political involvement. And you vote for one of the two major parties, the one your family has chosen for decades, because it’s “good” and the other one is “bad.” You listen to the news sources that seem truthful to you — FOX if you’re a Republican, MSNBC if you’re a Democrat.


“Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism”, by Andre Vltchek. (A Book Review).

DAVID W PEAR—Andre says he is a Communist in an era when being a communist is not fashionable. Most liberal/progressives are afraid to mention John Maynard Keynes, let alone Marx, Lenin and Mao. For a while in 2016 socialism was popular among supporters of Bernie Sanders, whom claimed to be a socialist. He promised his followers what every poll shows that most Americans want: universal healthcare, low cost higher education, better economic safety nets, and $15 dollars an hour minimum wage. Where have all the socialists gone now that Bernie disillusioned them?