On Abby Martin: One out of Every Four Activists Could Be a Corporate Spy | Nafeez Ahmed Breaks the Set (Video)

Abby Martin features an exclusive interview with Nafeez Ahmed, investigative journalist for the Guardian about a stunning new report from the Center for Corporate Policy, that says 1 out of every 4 activist may be a corporate spy. They go on to discuss the corporate industry’s role in subverting democracy and contributing to climate change.


The Pentagon’s Useful Idiots

SERGE HALIMI—In response to a White House request, the Pentagon recently completed a draft report that advocates a wider role for nuclear weapons (1). Since existing bombs are so destructive that using them is unimaginable, their deterrent role is undermined; so the report suggests it might be better to develop low-yield nuclear arms as part of a greater range of strategic threats. A range that would also include non-nuclear options: ‘chemical, biological, cyber, and large-scale conventional aggression.’


Ireland’s Pink and Yellow Imperialism 

AIDAN O’BRIEN—Ireland’s very conscious LGBT crowd however didn’t get it or didn’t want to get it. And why should they? Now that they have their piece of bourgeois respectability in their pocket (the marriage certificate) – why should they care about world peace? Why should they object to their hero leading Ireland into present and future wars?