Judeo-Centrism: Myths and Mania

JAMES PETRAS MAIN COVER IMAGE: Triumphant Israelis celebrate victory in the 1973 “6-day war”. The victory, with the active support of Western powers, especially the Anglo-americans, contributed to a sense of superiority and hardened Zionist intransigence.   Appendix Why contributingREAD ON

Jeremy Corbyn

Beware Israeli Doublespeak: A Palestinian Perspective on Britain’s ‘Anti-Semitic’ Controversy

There is a deliberate attack, a witch hunt, to effective shut down Jeremy Corbyn (UK Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition), in order to discredit his voice and leadership of a number of important issues, most particularly Palestine.

The New York Times and Israel—an erratic record

Redacted by Marcantonio Fellucci (Milan) MATERIAL RE-ASSEMBLED AND REDACTED BY MARCANTONIO FELLUCCI SRAEL was not attacked by Arabs until refugees started streaming out in 1947 -1848 . Combined Arab forces numbering half of Israeli forces, and ill trained, attacked Israel inREAD ON

From Zundel to Topham: Zionist theatre

By= ERIC WALBERG Saturday, 21 November 2015 15:42 Eric Walberg, Эрик Вальберг/ Уолберг إيريك ولبر he trials of Arthur Topham, Canadian journalist and publisher of Radical Press, for “hate crime” (2007) and “hate propaganda” (2012) under new Criminal CodeREAD ON

The Fallacy of Rising Anti-Semitism

Anti What? Anti-semitism is not on the rise, argues the author, but, though tightly suppressed in the mainstream media, anti-Jewish feelings die hard. Israel’s rightwing policies and the Neocons influence in world politics may indeed be feeding the beast.   READ ON