Remembering Anatoly Chubais, the chief free-marketeer executioner of Russia

F.W. ENGDAHL—In November 1991, Chubais became a minister in the Yeltsin Cabinet where he managed the portfolio of Rosimushchestvo–the Committee for the Management of State Property, which Yeltsin decreed to be the agency responsible for devising Russia’s privatization of the state companies. Gaidar and Chubais worked in league with George Soros, the Wall Street speculator and funder of the CIA front, National Endowment for Democracy. Soros in turn brought Harvard’s Jeffrey Sachs, architect of the Polish “economic shock therapy,” and other American “friends,” to the Yeltsin circles.


Lendman: Open letter to Putin; plus Trump wantonly breaks Iran deal

STEPHEN LENDMAN—I urge you to reconsider your current strategy in dealing with Washington. It surrounded Russia with hostile military bases, imposed countless illegal sanctions on numerous individuals and entities. Your government was falsely accused of “aggression” in Ukraine, “annexing” Crimea, involvement in downing MH-17, meddling in America’s electoral process, interfering in European and upcoming Mexican elections, Brexit, mass doping athletes, mischief-making Russian trolls and bots, cyberwar, sabotage, hybrid warfare, the Skripal incident and more – endless US hostility, including vicious propaganda proliferated by government officials and supportive servile media.