US and imperialist allies launch strikes against Syria

THE WSWS.ORG EDITORS—The propaganda campaign justifying the attack on Syria was concocted to provide a pretext for a massive military onslaught—not one-off missile strikes.

Facing the prospect of a military rout of its Islamist proxy forces fighting to overthrow the Syrian government, the decision for an escalation was made in Washington and London, and it was left to the CIA, MI6 and their Syrian agents to manufacture a pretext.


Skripal-Novichok Case: Hiding UK-U.S. Lies Gets Top Priority

ERIC ZUESSE—The issue decided by the vote is that the expulsions of Russia’s representatives to U.S.-allied countries must stand on the basis merely of the UK Government’s allegations of Russia’s guilt, without any evidence being provided to back them up. Essentially, what was at stake in this vote is whether the public, in each of these countries, should believe Russia’s guilt without being provided any evidence that Russia is guilty.


Last Act Of ‘Novichok’ Drama Revealed – “The Skripals’ Resurrection”

MOON OF ALABAMA—The Skripals are getting better. Good for them. But their resurrection from certain death is a further dent in the British government’s claim of ‘nerve agent’ ‘of a type developed by Russia’. The whole anti-Russian campaign constructed out of it is just ridiculous and deeply dishonest. The five page propaganda handout the British provided to other governments is a joke. It provided no solid facts on the case. To respond to it rationally, as Russia tries to do, makes little sense.


Boris Johnson’s Putin-Hitler comparison is a provocation too far

JOHN WIGHT—Indeed, with the investigation into this crime still ongoing, the only people who are certain of Russian state involvement is a political class in Britain that is acting not in the interests the British public but instead the interests of the country’s aforementioned establishment press, combined and in cooperation with a murky and evermore influential network of neocon think tanks.


Trump assailed for phoning Putin, but feting blood-soaked Saudi dictator is OK

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM—All these anti-Russian claims are unsubstantiated, if not outlandish, but they are repeated often enough to cast a permanent cloud over international relations. Republican Senator John McCain was widely quoted by way of expressing the bipartisan outrage over Trump’s phone call. “An American president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators,” he said.