Who Really Defeated ISIS?

DAVID W. PEAR—Somehow, the US with all of its technology and thousands of bombing missions in Syria never saw all those tankers. Nor could they find ISIS fighters, so instead they bombed the Syrian army. The US only saw what it wanted to see and what it wanted to bomb. It was not ISIS. Here are the videos of Russian jets taking out ISIS oil tankers:


Annals of Imperial Propaganda—Hatchet Job on Mao (one of many) with rebuttal

The article we reproduce here [MAO’S PRIVATE LIFE AND SEXUAL ACTIVITY] presents us with an anonymous hatchet job on Mao Tse tung. We are calling this Part 1 of this presentation. As the alert reader will quickly note, this is a work of propaganda at its foulest, a vile work designed to fool the millions of information consumers still caught in the web of lies maintained by the empire through its media and secondary institutions of mind manipulation. Thus every insult and innuendo is used to present Mao (and revolutionary communism) as fraudulent, ruthless and immoral. Nothing is too low or too far fetched.