ANDRE VLTCHEK—Russia is clearly indignant. As reported by RT: “While none of the cruise missiles launched by the US and its allies reached the Russian air defense zones, the strikes sparked outrage in Moscow. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the US-led strikes hit a war-ravaged country “that has been trying to survive terrorist aggression for many years.” In a statement posted on Facebook, she compared the invasion to the start of the 2003 Iraq War, which was based on claims that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction.”


What Just Happened

ERIC ZUESSE—So: what is at stake here from the OPCW investigation is not only the international legitimacy of Syria’s Government, but the international legitimacy of the Governments that invaded it on April 13th. These are extremely high stakes, even if no court in the world will possess the authority to adjudicate the guilt — either if the U.S. and its allies lied, or if the Syrian Government lied.


Meditations on Skripal

JIMMIE MOGLIA—Meantime, during the re-enactment of the Vendome-Alberoni episode by the UK establishment, the European media announced and confirmed that London has currently a higher murder rate than New York City, for the first time in contemporary history. Which is meaningful. For one, England has a complete ban on private ownership of guns, and knives are the most expedient method of assassination.

white helmets

Trump and Syria: “The worst case scenario is now our reality.”

FELICITY ARBUTHNOT—The latest camera friendly crisis is yet another “chemical weapons attack” which the US, UK and usual suspects are blaming on the Syrian government. However this is such a worn and discredited theme, were it not for trigger-happy Trump and his band of war obsessed mongers, it would simply be dismissed out of hand. For the US both supplying chemical weapons to the “moderate head choppers” and the discrediting of the endless attempts to pin chemical attack on the government, see Professor Michel Chossudovsky’s meticulous documentations.


Winds of War Heading Toward Gale Force in Syria

STEPHEN LENDMAN—Russia has only one sensible option it’s chosen not to take so far – warning Washington it won’t tolerate US aggression on Syrian forces or its government. Nebenzya should have announced the following on Monday:
If US-led warplanes attack Syrian positions, they’ll be downed. If US warships conduct similar operations, they’ll be targeted, damaged or sunk. That’s the only language Washington understands. All else is wasted time and energy falling on deaf ears.


Defending Palestinian Rights: The Gaza Slaughter of Palestinians Supported by the U.S. Congress and Major Jewish American Organizations

JAMES PETRAS—Equally important, Zionist activists pressure and recruit leaders of civil society groups through guided propaganda tours to Israel. They enforce obedience and submission to Zionist objectives by blacklisting critics, contacting their places of employment and demanding they be fired. They employ even more repressive tactics against perceived threats to Israel’s interests, including threatening phone calls and unwelcome ‘visits’. At the commanding heights of the Zionist pyramid, hundreds of billionaires and millionaires finance and influence the corporate mass media, the political parties and conservative and liberal religious and educational institutions and demand adherence to Israel’s agenda.