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ABC’s Designated Survivor: The US government in crisis, onscreen and off

As it is, “ordinary people” rarely make an appearance on Designated Survivor. The series almost never leaves the insular world of official DC politics. Masses of people are seen or referred to only in passing, as panicked crowds, poll numbersREAD ON


By GAITHER STEWART ROMANS AND THE ITALIANS ong before the Nibelungen mythology spread in Teutonic lands, legends and semi-legends abounded in the ancient and isolated lands south of the Alps, legends that say a lot about how these peninsular ItalicREAD ON

Against racialism in film and art

 By David Walsh New York Times film critics watch “while white” Dateline: 19 January 2017 t would be very nearly possible at present to post a daily column devoted to the fixation of the American media and Hollywood filmmaking (orREAD ON

Allied: Conventional warfare

By Kevin Martinez, Directed by Robert Zemeckis, written by Steven Knight t is a bit difficult to review Allied, primarily because it does not provoke any strong feelings one way or the other. This is the sort of filmREAD ON