The “Great Satan” and the “New Silk Road”

American led global disinformation is one of the biggest obstacles to the reconstruction of humanity along more peaceful, ethical lines. American propaganda and its myriad toxic falsehoods must be defeated for the world—including US citizens—to enjoy peace, security and social justice.  The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to be the victim of US backed terrorism. The Mujahadeen-E Khalq Organization, a violentContinue reading

How China Bought Trump

Michael I. Niman DAILY PUBLIC Dateline: Mar. 21, 2017 The policy is rhetorical, viewing China and Taiwan as one nation. On the ground, however, the policy is essentially meaningless, with the US still conducting trade with and supplying military aid to Taiwan. For China, however, who still views Taiwan as a breakaway province, this rhetorical concession is the foundation beneath ourContinue reading

China’s Great Leap Forward: Western Frogs Croak Dismay

James Petras THE JAMES PETRAS WEBSITE Dateline: 03.23.2017 :: Analysis hey have variably proclaimed (1) China’s economy is in decline; (2) the debt is overwhelming; a Chinese real estate bubble is ready to burst; (3) the country is rife with corruption and poisoned with pollution; and (4) Chinese workers are staging paralyzing strikes and protests amid growing repression – theContinue reading