Any attempt to articulate an appropriate object of patriotic love and loyalty falls apart quickly. When I make this argument, I am often told that I simply don’t understand, that patriotism is as much about feeling as it is aboutREAD ON

Oliver Stone Undresses Putin, Shows the Man Behind the Legend: US media snarls, frowns and yawns.

Typically these days, American TV news personalities use interviews with a demonized foreign leader, like Putin, to demonstrate their own “toughness” on air, hurling insulting questions at the target and pretending that this preening behavior proves their courage. In reality, itREAD ON

Why the European Dream of Integration Won’t Die

by JOHN WIGHT ABOVE IMAGE: TIME magazine cover, celebrating Jean Monnet, “father of the new Common Market”, precursor of the EU The idea of uniting Europe, or forging a united Europe, has tantalized philosophers, emperors, dictators, revolutionaries, and figures onREAD ON


OpEds | Diane Gee “Capitalism REQUIRES an accepted underclass (sex, race or both) to function.  People no one will object to having less, because in their minds it’s a given…” Less Patriarchal Societies of the Native peoples in the AmericasREAD ON

World Leaders on Fidel Castro’s Passing

Dispatches from STEPHEN LENDMAN It’s hard accepting his passing. Things won’t be the same without him, even knowing his revolutionary spirit lives on. Obama issued a forked-tongue statement, saying “we extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people” –READ ON

The Best Mayor in Lima´s History

DISPATCHES FROM DANIEL ESPINOSA  working to defeat the Big Lie in all its forms ABOVE:  LIMA—Shipiba community in CantaGallo. It’s been about a year that the authorities offered to relocate them, but so far the government ha snot made good on itsREAD ON