Facebook censorship targets the left

ANDRE DAMON—The growth of the class struggle is increasingly pitting workers in direct conflict with the trade unions, which the ruling class has relied on for decades to suppress the class struggle and facilitate the redistribution of wealth to the rich. Under these conditions, the ruling elite sees the criminalization and suppression of independent political opposition as a vital necessity in the defense and expansion of its social privileges. The creation of an apparatus of mass censorship by Facebook, Google and Twitter is a vital weapon in the hands of the ruling elite in this life-and-death class struggle.


Assange will eventually have to leave our embassy in London – Ecuador President

Multiple activists and human rights groups have been demanding to free Assange. In 2016, a UN panel also found that Assange’s stay in the embassy amounted to “arbitrary detention,” but nothing has changed since then. The reason behind Ecuador’s change of heart towards the whistleblower is unclear, but “pressure has been brought to bear, presumably by the United States,” human rights activist Peter Tatchell believes. “The prospect of the president revoking those protections that go with citizenship and asylum, that’s a very very big deal, very big step to abrogate the right to protect an Ecuadorian citizen,” Tatchell told RT.


Human Animal Farm: A Fairy Story

JOHN R HALL—Admittedly, I turn seventy in a few weeks, and have become somewhat bitter about the likelihood that my final hours will likely help grease the wheels of Pfizer and Eli Lilly, and build more hospitals and crematoriums to facilitate the final processing of this battered bag of bones and meat.   I just completed extensive research, and found that there are a humungous shitload of pharmaceutical companies with obscene profits in the gazillions.  Meantime, research into disease prevention and that ugly four-letter word (cure) are piss poor to damn near nonexistent.