Barbarian Left

The barbarian left has endured the civilized left long enough. The compromises of opportunist German Social Democrats in the early 1900s played no small part in what led to Red Rosa’s execution and the rise of the Third Reich. The complacent social-democratic Spanish Republicans of the 1930s repeatedly shot themselves in the foot and hamstrung other leftists, thus practically handing SpainREAD ON

Dawn of the Dead: Why American Politics Can’t be Reformed

When global warming is tied to dead and dying oceans, misery-inducing and toxic industrial agriculture, poisoned air and seemingly unstoppable militarism through the profit motive a systemic driver comes into focus. Add in that only a small sliver of humanity takes the wealth produced by this system while all of the rest of us partake in its toxic excrescences andREAD ON

We Don’t Need No “Moderates”

The only thing we can be certain of in the electability space is political strategists’ and pundits’ poor track records.  Many of the people who claim to know what is and isn’t possible in future elections thought Bernie Sanders would barely get 15 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary.  Many of them were sure that Republicans would neverREAD ON

Freedom Rider: Democrats Smear Jill Stein

Green Party presidential candidate The Democratic Party’s Grand Inquisition has move leftward, targeting 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, whose political crime was to attend an RT dinner in Russia, the year before. The Democrats are trying to yoke her into their fake “Russiagate” conspiracy. Stein is “the perfect foil. She can simultaneously be blamed for Clinton’s loss whileREAD ON

ONLINE GOLD: The fraud of postmodernism, the Freudian self and other narcissistic matters

Capitalism (the age of bourgeois rule, the age of the bourgeoisie, the age of liberalism) swept away feudalism (the age of aristocratic and ecclesiastical rule, the age of lords and serfs, the age of hierarchical absolutism). It swept away all the ideologies that pillared it, except two: patriarchy and religion, because these were tools of control. If you believe thatREAD ON

ONLINE GOLD: Overcoming the system’s false consciousness

Patrick Walker says:Letting establishment Democrats’ get away with their shallow, Russia-obsessed “McResistance” to Trump is INTOLERABLE to progressives wishing to save the climate. Not only does it distract from the ultra-serious issue of runaway climate change; it’s intended purely to get a warmongering, neoliberal Democratic Party back into power without it reforming AT ALL. Among other things, this means DemocratsREAD ON