Trotkyist WSWS website delivers scathing balance sheet of left movements in Latin America.

BILL VAN AUKEN—The ICFI warned that the Pabloites’ elevation of Castro as a “natural Marxist,” entailed the wholesale repudiation of the historical and theoretical conception of the socialist revolution going back to Marx, and laid the basis for the liquidation of the revolutionary cadre assembled by the Trotskyist movement internationally into the camp of bourgeois nationalism and Stalinism.


The CIA’s Big Lie for Gina Haspel

MELVIN A GOODMAN—Morell’s memorandum, written in 2011 as the result of a disciplinary review, “found no fault with the performance of Ms. Haspel” because she drafted the cable “on the direct orders” of her superior and did not release it herself.  Obviously, Morell knows nothing of the Nuremberg principles that support punishment for officials who carry out illegal orders.  He made no mention about her leadership at the Agency’s most notorious secret prison in the war on terror.


The Democratic “Deep State” Takeover and the Moribund State of American Politics

DANNY HAIPHONG—Workers and oppressed people in the American nation-state are compelled to choose between hard right representatives of the White Man’s Republican Party or the Democratic representatives of the war apparatus. Black Americans and union workers have historically held their nose and voted for the Democrats because they represented the “lesser” of two evils. The 2016 elections broke this pattern of behavior, something that no one on the left should grieve. Numerous studies have shown that Black voters and unionized workers ditched the Democrats in high enough numbers to ensure Hillary Clinton’s defeat.


Presstitutes push social media to stamp out free speech and all political dissent

ADDISON de PITT—The Democrats, a party well known for its repugnant hypocrisy and irrepressible cowardice and opportunism, has led the charge since Trump came to power, creating, in tacit alliance with the CIA and other sinister players, a veritable witch-hunt against dissenting bloggers, and laying, through their equally hypocritical and baseless Russiagate, the groundwork for a criminalisation of political dissidence behind the pretext of neutralising bloggers who supposedly “create national divisions,” serve Russia’s ends, or disseminate “fake news,” a term much in vogue today with truly Orwellian reverberations.


Blunt hatchets: Guardian attempts to discredit real journalism on Syria

It should be no surprise, however, especially considering the tendentious ad hominem level of ‘critique’ to which the Guardian is resorting in its rants against anti-imperialist forces, that many people, whether right-wing or left-wing, are disgusted by the lack of honesty and integrity to be found in the British media and are prepared to ditch the high intellectual standards that Britain’s ‘most mainstream left-wing newspaper’ professes to uphold and turn instead to far more objective sources of information.

For our part, we are extremely grateful for the selfless dedication of such investigators as Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett and Tim Anderson. Their work is helping to convince conscious members of the working class that the imperialist media is not to be relied upon, including such apparently liberal outlets as the BBC, Channel 4 and the Guardian.