Hope is Our Enemy: Fighting Boiling Frog Syndrome  

by GREGORY BARRETT   And reading Ms Johnstone’s column, which was full of a we-can-do-this encouraging spirit, made me realize how badly I want some of that stuff too. I smiled and felt validated in some ways; validated for telling people repeatedly in recent years that what we do with the internet distribution of political truth represents much more thanContinue reading

The Spectre of Marx Haunts the British Election

by JOHN WIGHT   THE LEFT IS BORN OF THE RIGHT’S EXCESSES, CRIMES AND INSTITUTIONALIZED INJUSTICE. Returning the Labour Party to something resembling its founding principles is, in sum, the reason the establishment in Britain has extended itself in slandering and attacking Jeremy Corbyn so aggressively. In truth, the Labour leader’s politics have far more in common with Fabianism (soft socialism) thanContinue reading

The global cyberattack, the NSA and Washington’s war propaganda against Russia

By Bill Van Auken,   Western security agencies have acknowledged that the present global cyberattack—among the worst ever of its kind—is the work not of any state agency, but rather of a criminal organization. Moreover, the roots of the attack lie not in Moscow, but in Washington. The “WannaCrypt” malware employed in the attack is based on weaponized softwareContinue reading

The Magic Liberal

by JOHN STEPPLING   The propaganda wing of the state department and Pentagon, not to mention that black budget of the CIA all stepped up their game after Vietnam. And much of the change took place under Reagan. But perhaps a more significant shift took place in propaganda, at least in Hollywood, under Clinton in the late 90s. Bill andContinue reading