We are the meteor – they are the dinosaurs

The only real hope now lies in the younger generations. Those who grew up with the internet. They are a little less brainwashed. They read alternative media. They have access to more information, and therefore, the truth. They are questioning things. They are angry about what is happening and what their country is doing. Furthermore, there is a growing sense amongst the general population that the “powers that be” and the mainstream media do not serve their interests. (Which is why Trump was elected). So I would not say that all hope is lost and the US is doomed to start WW3.


Yellow Vests—Point of No Return (Documentary-French lang.)

Incidentally, as you watch these scenes, these testimonies, the cowardly and filthy collaboration of the American media with the capitalisy order becomes all the more undeniable. How else to explain their total erasure of these events from our screens? Meanwhile, as our tv screens are filled with totally superficial items, or matters of very narrow and obsessive interest (Trump’s wall, Russiagate, sports, weather, celebrity gossip, etc.) typical of the ethnocentric mindscape allowed by the media barons, France is burning in many places. Maybe it is better the stateside media whores do not even touch this rebellion, because all they would do is lie about it and slander and demonise its motives and participants. That’s what they do.


The Democratic Party Obsession with Capitalism and Militarism Will Grow Worse by 2020

DANNY HAIPHONG—Diversity and Russiagate are interrelated. The former has been employed to make the rule of imperialism more effective under the auspices of “diverse” oligarchs such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Russiagate is the spawn of diversity’s failures. Diversity did nothing to intervene in the declining living standards of working and poor people, especially Black people. Rather, it complimented the system’s race to the bottom. Now that the War on Terror has lost legitimacy, and the two-party duopoly along with it, Russiagate has given people in the U.S. someone and something to blame other than the rulers of their own system.