EU ‘disinfo-busting’ outlet targets ‘Russophiles’ in McCarthyist campaign to push own narrative

DANIELLE RYAN—Because remember, in good, free, open Democratic societies, questioning established narratives is unacceptable and grounds for public shaming and having your name immediately placed on some kind of Twitter blacklist. You might also be as surprised as I was to hear there is apparently an overarching “Russian narrative” for every world event, regardless of whether or not it relates to Moscow in any way.


Trump revokes security clearance for former CIA chief Brennan: Ruling class warfare intensifies

PATRICK MARTIN—The New York Times, the main media mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, immediately opened its editorial pages to Brennan to respond to Trump’s action. In a comment published Thursday, Brennan focused entirely on promoting the myth of Russian intervention in the US elections, denouncing Russian denials as “hogwash,” and portraying Trump as a conscious and witting collaborator with “our primary global adversary”—in other words, a traitor.


Facebook censorship targets the left

ANDRE DAMON—The growth of the class struggle is increasingly pitting workers in direct conflict with the trade unions, which the ruling class has relied on for decades to suppress the class struggle and facilitate the redistribution of wealth to the rich. Under these conditions, the ruling elite sees the criminalization and suppression of independent political opposition as a vital necessity in the defense and expansion of its social privileges. The creation of an apparatus of mass censorship by Facebook, Google and Twitter is a vital weapon in the hands of the ruling elite in this life-and-death class struggle.