Vassal Aristocracies Increasingly Resist Control by U.S. Aristocracy

“So, the MIC is the global bully’s fist, and the global bully is the U.S. aristocracy — America’s billionaires, most especially the controlling stockholders in the U.S.-based international corporations…” What will it take to bring America to live according toREAD ON

MEDIA FRONT: German Bombshell Bestseller Exposing CIA Media Control Blocked in US (Ulfkotte)

The English translation of German journalist Udo Ulfkotte’s best-selling book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists) appears to have been suppressed throughout North America and Europe.  On May 15, 2017 Next Revelation Press, an imprint of US-Canadian-based publisher Tayen Lane, released the English versionREAD ON

UK Court Blocks Prosecution Of Tony Blair For Iraq Invasion

“The devastation that has been caused to millions of Iraqi civilians leaves the world with only one lesson – how to commit the most serious of crimes, and get away with it.”

Urgent Warning: Time to Hit the Reset Button on U.S.-Korean Policy

There are 83 U.S. military bases on South Korean soil and U.S. warships often patrol the coast. U.S.-South Korean military exercises have been getting larger and more provocative, including dropping mock nuclear bombs on North Korea.The US military also announcedREAD ON

Media Misdirection at Heart of Imperial Strategy

It should also convince those that continue to cling to the sinking ideological raft of tepid reforms that dismantling the entire two-party system, and the capitalist system behind it, is the only way to transform this country. A country, byREAD ON

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk: The outbreak of World War II without history or politics

Contemporary filmmakers, unhappily, no longer bother themselves with mundanities such as “explanations”—one of the words generally placed in quotation marks—for historical events. They have largely moved beyond such concerns. The German military victories in May-June 1940 over the BEF andREAD ON

Venezuela on the Edge of Civil War

Symbolic or not, the U.S. Empire propaganda mill is already churning out that President Nicolas Maduro is no longer the legitimate president of Venezuela. As in Syria, when the Empire labels a president illegitimate it uses it as a figREAD ON