Spycraft: The subterranean lives of heroes and traitors

P. GREANVILLE—Despite the complexity we find in human affairs, spycraft is an occupation with a rather narrow range of causality, aptly summed up by the pros in the mnemonic “MICE”. Indeed, a surprising number of spies and defectors seem motivated by nothing loftier than money (the “M” in the acronym). Many more, of course, join up out of idealism (the “I”), of which “patriotism”—so often a primal, manipulated emotion rooted in tribalism—could be regarded as a bastardized subset. Others—as the record shows—have been recruited through coercion (the “C”), following entrapment or sexual blackmail, or by threats to their families or friends. Still others join for personal reasons (ego, the closing “E”)— such as racism, revenge for crimes inflicted or imagined, thirst for adventure, and, in a significant percentage, silent disenchantment with a given ideology. Some spies naturally incorporate in their makeup a combination of several factors.


US Sanctions Are Pushing Russia to War

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM—It seems all the more significant that this week also saw US internet services launching a major clampdown on anti-war websites, suggesting that the powers-that-be want to shut down any criticism or public awareness of their reckless warmongering. What’s more, the latest round of US sanctions – there have been several previous rounds since the contrived Ukrainian conflict in 2014 – is based on nothing but wild, ridiculous speculation. That only adds insult upon injury.


US Politics, Russia, China and Europe, Madness and Strategies

“The late German Professor Krysmanski_drew_a_fitting_picture of the Power Elite having gone from the general “Capitalist Class” to a super concentrated tiny number of the “Super Rich” (in money and power) forming almost feudalist circles. Since the days of Eisenhower already warning of the “Military_Industrial_Complex” this process has even gone further. That “Super Class” (not in number but in power) is united in the desire for world control. But they still have different revenues and prefer different strategies and tactics to that end…”