Hillary Clinton Foundation cash

Harvey Weinstein, the Democratic Party and the Power of the “Creative Class” – Thomas Frank on RAI (9/9)

RNN—Take a step back, earlier in ‘Listen, Liberal’ I wrote about the Clinton Foundation and what the Clinton Foundation does. I’m not talking here about the various accusations that people made of them, acting as a slush fund or that sort of thing. What I’m talking about is the way that they act as a — how would you put this– a moral exchange, for people who are quite bad. A lot of foundations do this, so my argument is that this is what liberalism is—


Protests in Iran: Made in the USA and Israel

STEPHEN LENDMAN—Protests in Tehran and other Iranian cities have a familiar character to them. They don’t erupt spontaneously. They’re manufactured, needing leadership. Color revolutions are a US specialty, numerous ones staged earlier. Orange revolution 2.0, the most recent previous one, ousted Ukraine’s democratic government, replacing it with putschist [neonazi] tyranny.


If Hillary Clinton Had Won, We’d Be Even Worse

TED RALL—Clinton’s liberal supporters always glossed over her long history of hawkish, arguably far-right, approaches to military matters. Those who mourn her loss to Trump today have completely forgotten that she convinced Obama to back military coups against the democratically-elected leaders of Honduras and Egypt. She also successfully advised Obama to arm and fund radical Islamist militias in Syria and Libya…


‘Global Britain’ is Financing Terrorism and Bloodshed in Syria and Calling it ‘Aid’

VANESSA BEELEY—The sheer sanctimonious humbug contained within that first convoluted utterance should be enough to take our breath away. However, Johnson continued speaking for 36 minutes, turning verbal somersaults of every shade and hue of hypocrisy. This speech comes swift on the heels of the BBC Panorama limping expose of the UK FCO funding of terrorism in Syria that barely scratched the surface of the magnitude of the UK campaign to destablize a sovereign nation


The Public Enemies of World Truth

PHIL BUTLER—The point here is that the Kremlin’s organic support network is minuscule when compared to the forces arrayed against a peaceful order. The networks are established and they sit in direct opposition as in the case of Weisburd following Alexey Kovalev and several hundred others collaborators across real and fake social accounts.


Annals of Imperial Propaganda—Hatchet Job on Mao (one of many) with rebuttal

The article we reproduce here [MAO’S PRIVATE LIFE AND SEXUAL ACTIVITY] presents us with an anonymous hatchet job on Mao Tse tung. We are calling this Part 1 of this presentation. As the alert reader will quickly note, this is a work of propaganda at its foulest, a vile work designed to fool the millions of information consumers still caught in the web of lies maintained by the empire through its media and secondary institutions of mind manipulation. Thus every insult and innuendo is used to present Mao (and revolutionary communism) as fraudulent, ruthless and immoral. Nothing is too low or too far fetched.