The Spectre of Marx Haunts the British Election

by JOHN WIGHT   THE LEFT IS BORN OF THE RIGHT’S EXCESSES, CRIMES AND INSTITUTIONALIZED INJUSTICE. Returning the Labour Party to something resembling its founding principles is, in sum, the reason the establishment in Britain has extended itself in slandering and attacking Jeremy Corbyn so aggressively. In truth, the Labour leader’s politics have far more in common with Fabianism (soft socialism) thanContinue reading

The Politics of Protest: Forgetting the Crimes of Obama will not aid Democracy.

Daniel Read Despite the outrage over the “Muslim Ban”, the actual military bombardment of Muslims themselves is nearly always entirely omitted from the liberal narrative. Indeed, the prevailing argument never goes further than the notion that Trump has attempted to stop Muslims coming here purely because he’s a terrible person. Dump Trump. He’s “not America” etc. This is self-evidently myopic forContinue reading