The Empty Piety of the American Press

CHRIS HEDGES—Brennan was the architect of the disastrous attempt to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to arm “moderate” rebels in Syria, oversaw the huge expansion of our drone wars and instigated the canard that Russia stole the last U.S. presidential election. The most astute critics of empire, including Andrew Bacevich, are banished, as are critics of corporate power, including Ralph Nader and Chomsky.


Unexpected Culture: HEDY LAMARR 

ALEXANDRA BRUCE—Lamarr had a tumultuous love life and was divorced 6 times. By the time she was 50, she was washed-up in Hollywood and destitute, unable to provide for her 3 children. In the 1980s, her spread spectrum, Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), frequency-hopping invention finally paid off, with the advent of cellphones and standardized wireless communications.


Jens Stoltenberg and Angelina Jolie call for NATO intervention to promote “gender equality”

JULIE HYLAND—Claiming that NATO was founded to safeguard “the freedom of its peoples”, the authors assert that, for 70 years, the US-led bloc has stood for the “defence of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and the UN Charter.” In fact, from its foundation in April 1949 until the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact in July 1991, NATO’s role was dictated by confrontation with the Soviet Union. To this end, it not only fomented a nuclear arms race but was involved in numerous conflicts and interventions from the Korean War to Cuba.