Seth Rich, Craig Murray and the Sinister Stewards of the National Security State 

Did you know that after a 10 month-long investigation, there’s still no hard evidence that Russia hacked the 2016 elections?  In fact, when the Intelligence agencies were pressed on the matter, they promised to release a report that would provide iron-clad proof of Russian meddling.  On January 6, 2017, theDirector of National Intelligence, James Clapper, released that report. It was called The Intelligence CommunityContinue reading

The Fog of Cold War

By John V. Walsh Of course it is not clear who was using whom here.  But we can think of a latter day equivalent in Bush 2 time when neoconservatives like Paul Wolfowitz dominated the Pentagon.  As they ginned up the War on Iraq, it was all too clear that their loyalty to Israel came into play.  For while theContinue reading

The global cyberattack, the NSA and Washington’s war propaganda against Russia

By Bill Van Auken,   Western security agencies have acknowledged that the present global cyberattack—among the worst ever of its kind—is the work not of any state agency, but rather of a criminal organization. Moreover, the roots of the attack lie not in Moscow, but in Washington. The “WannaCrypt” malware employed in the attack is based on weaponized softwareContinue reading

The Magic Liberal

by JOHN STEPPLING   The propaganda wing of the state department and Pentagon, not to mention that black budget of the CIA all stepped up their game after Vietnam. And much of the change took place under Reagan. But perhaps a more significant shift took place in propaganda, at least in Hollywood, under Clinton in the late 90s. Bill andContinue reading