France: the yellow vests must go further!

In three weeks, the movement has become conscious of its own strength. Its initial demand, the lowering of fuel taxes, is now but one of the urgent measures being demanded, among others that would increase the spending power of workers, pensioners, the unemployed, small artisans, farmers, merchants etc. In the furnace of collective action, mass consciousness is taking giant strides forward every day. The question of power was put forward very early – first in a negative form (“Macron: resignation!”), then, little by little, in a positive form: “power to the people!”


The mass protests in France: A new stage in the international class struggle

These events are a critical turning point not just for France and Europe, but for the entire world. Suppressed for decades, the eruption of social protest proclaims the reentry of the working class onto the stage of world history. The class struggle is again asserting itself as the driving force of historical progress. The explosive character of the events in France testifies to the enormous social contradictions that have accumulated over the nearly three decades since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, and, particularly, over the decade since the crash of 2008.


Thanking vets for their “service” – why?

THE SAKER—Nope! These are all excellent reasons to feel compassion and sympathy for veterans, yes. But not gratitude. There is a huge difference here. Everybody, every human, and I strongly believe every creature deserves compassion and sympathy. But it is one thing to say “I feel compassion for you” and quite another to say “thank you for what you did” because that implies that the deed was a moral, good, ethical deed, and that is entirely false.