The Karma of Terror (Revised)

The modern historical causes of our current spreading epidemic of terrorism – the ISIS kind, the Al-Qaeda kind, I am not referring to State Terror at the moment — are all tied up with the West’s hysterical and violent response to communism, from the end of the First World War to the present. While that hysteria and that response wereREAD ON

Right But Wrong: Trump’s Defense of Confederate Symbols and Its Threat to Color-Blind Liberalism

American color-blind liberalism depends on a less messy history, one with the moral clarity that is useful to deny the inherently racist nature of American government and society.  President Trump, in his crazed blustering, in his ignorant attempt to find daylight between “white nationalism” and “white supremacy,” failed to follow this script and thereby became even more dangerous to thoseREAD ON

The Terrorism of Moral Indignation

A sound left must re-discover, behind the lies and distortions written by its enemies, the theories, the practices, the language, the history, the science, and the errors (most important) of the left’s once living cultures and societies—a left that changed the world. 

Democratic Demagogues and ‘The Better Deal’

 Introduction fter 6 months of blaming Russia for the Democratic Party’s Presidential election debacle, the Party stalwarts have finally realized that the American electorate is not listening. Democratic Party investigators in Washington still hold hearings and the mass media are still scandal mongering, but the public is not rallying to their cause. Trump’s demagogy may have lost its appeal, whileREAD ON