Greece – Convenient Victim or Complacent Masochist?

PETER KOENIG—The debt on Greece was imposed by the troika and accepted by the Tsipras Government against the will of the people, who in a referendum on 5 July 2015 voted with an overwhelming 61% NO to the bail-out package, of which not one euro has benefitted the Greek people, but covered merely Greece’s debt service, i.e. interest and related fees; and, second, the Greek debt was and is by IMF standards – admitted in private by Mme. Lagarde – beyond Greece’s repayment capacity…


Lazy Liberals and “the Trump Effect”

PAUL STREET—The solution to everything wrong in the world for liberals is getting a corporate military Democrat in the White House. It’s all about rallying around some new shining star from the Inauthentic Opposition Party (the late Sheldon Wolin’s excellent for the dismal dollar-drenched Dems) into the Oval Office. Then it’ll be blue-zone liberals turn to feel good while red state Republicans stew.


Why The ‘Progressive’ Historian Stephen Cohen Refuses To Call A U.S. Coup A “Coup”

ERIC ZUESSE—America’s so-called ‘progressive’ so-called ’news’media claim to be bastions of honesty in American journalism, but their coverage of Ukraine and of Russia since the coup in Ukraine, and of the resultant return of “The Cold War” — which are massively important historical developments that have shaken, to the core, and transformed, international relations — has been and remains a blatant lie, as will be documented here, with special attention to a prominent contributing editor at The Nation, and elite scholar of Russian history, the putatively ‘progressive’ Stephen F. Cohen.


The New York Times’ reactionary sexual harassment campaign runs into opposition

DAVID WALSH—Merkin notes a “disturbing lack of clarity” about terms such as harassment, assault and “inappropriate conduct.” She observes, moreover, that expressing “sexual interest is inherently messy and, frankly, nonconsensual—one person, typically the man, bites the bullet by expressing interest in the other, typically the woman—whether it happens at work or at a bar.

Hillary Clinton Foundation cash

Harvey Weinstein, the Democratic Party and the Power of the “Creative Class” – Thomas Frank on RAI (9/9)

RNN—Take a step back, earlier in ‘Listen, Liberal’ I wrote about the Clinton Foundation and what the Clinton Foundation does. I’m not talking here about the various accusations that people made of them, acting as a slush fund or that sort of thing. What I’m talking about is the way that they act as a — how would you put this– a moral exchange, for people who are quite bad. A lot of foundations do this, so my argument is that this is what liberalism is—


Against Identitarian and Generational Divide and Rule

PAUL STREET—The Occupy Wall Street movement that spread across the country six-plus years ago lacked proper organization and strategy, but it deserves credit for having the right enemy – the corporate and financial ruling class. The same can be said to no small degree about the sadly Democratic Party-captive Bernie Sanders campaign, which targeted “the billionaire class” as the main culprit behind the miseries of life in the brutally class-disparate United States. Both populist phenomena – Occupy and the Sanders “movement” – failed to build lasting people’s organizations and failed to properly situate the “One Percent”/“Billionaire Class” within the specific historical contexts of capitalist class rule and capitalism’s “evil twin” imperialism.