Ashes to Ashes for Get-Rich Britain

In the British general election earlier this month, Labour has found a real leader with Jeremy Corbyn. His forthright manifesto for a socialist alternative to the giant neoliberal scam has resonated with a whole new generation. There is a palpable sense that if anotherREAD ON

The political fraud of the People’s Summit in Chicago: Sanders, unions seek to refurbish Democrats

To provide it with a left cover, the so-called “Berniecrats” are trying to convince the party establishment to adopt a program of mild reforms, including Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, forgiveness of student loans, etc. Their hope is toREAD ON

Script For Plans To Destroy Bolivarian Revolution Was Written In Washington

Unlike traditional conflicts, non-conventional wars are based on promoting confrontations between authorities and the population, to undermine the government’s ability to function, leading to its demise without the use of a foreign military intervention. Share This:

The Rise of the Alt-Center

  The deliberate and ongoing political engineering necessary to give multinationals their global stranglehold was introduced with predictable blowback-inducing results in much of the Middle East when left wing politicians and parties were dissolved at the behest of the US,READ ON

Beyond Liberal Pieties: the Radical Challenge for Journalism

Main cover image:  What working journalists typically fail to see is that they rarely challenge the dominant culture’s ideological assumptions—that capitalism is a fair and just system, U.S. domination of the world promotes peace and freedom, and U.S. society movesREAD ON