France’s “yellow vest” protests expose Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s pro-capitalist populism

ALEX LANTIER—It is clear that the main task Mélenchon sets himself in this crisis is to rescue and defend the Macron government amid a deep, potentially fatal crisis. He warns the reader of the potential “refusal of the security forces to obey orders” to crack down on the protests, adding: “Of course such fragility does not come from nowhere. That is the case now. Thousands of hours of unpaid overtime, over 100 suicides in the police, just as many in the other security agencies, tense trade union elections in a few days, everywhere the situation is explosive.”


CNN again beating war drums over imaginary Russian aggression

PATRICE GREANVILLE—This is what CNN does all the time, along with most of the US media: beat the war drums against the enemy du jour, usually Russia, but now as the list grows ever longer, Iran and of course China, the rising global power.

Trump is a disgrace, and few could argue the matter of peace and war is safe in his hands, given his well documented capricious, not to mention ignorant and narcissist ego, and his enormous contradictions resulting in sudden zig-zags in stated policy, but, curiously, he’s also the only major political figure in America that consistently—and to many perhaps inexplicably—pooh poohs and derails the Deep State’s constant push for imperial adventures and the drift to total war. The latter is what is normally described in the US National Security State peanut gallery as being a mature statesman, or “acting like a true President”.


Ocasio-Cortez holds climate change stunt to boost Pelosi

GENEVIEVE LEIGH—What the whole operation confirms is that the DSA and Ocasio-Cortez have no fundamental differences with Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership. Pelosi has been the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives for 16 years. She has overseen all the crimes of the Democratic Party for a decade and a half, including the draconian immigration policies of the Obama administration, which resulted in the deportation of more immigrants than any president in history. She was driven out of her own press conference last year by pro-immigrant activists chanting “Democrats are deporters!”


Fact-checking the Tor Project’s government ties

YASHA LEVINE—For years, the Tor Project — along with other government-funded crypto tools like Signal — has been seen in almost religious terms by the privacy community as the only way to protect people from government spying online. The Electronic Frontier Foundation held up Tor as the digital equivalent of the First Amendment. The ACLU backed it. Fight for the Future, the hip Silicon Valley activist group, declared Tor to be “NSA-proof.” Edward Snowden held it up as an example of the kind of grassroots privacy technology that could defeat government surveillance online, and told his followers to use it. Prominent award-winning journalists from Wired, Vice, The Intercept, The Guardian and Rolling Stone — including Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald and Andy Greenberg — all helped pump up Tor’s mythical anti-state rebel status. Even Daniel Ellsberg, the legendary whistleblower, was convinced that Tor was vital to the future of democracy.