The Democrats’ fraudulent opposition to Trumpcare

The establishment of a system of universal, free health care for all requires placing the entire health care system—the private insurers, pharmaceuticals, giant health care chains—under public ownership, managed democratically to serve human needs, not profit. Such a fight requiresREAD ON

Macron wins Parliament in landslide: Total failure inevitable

It’s disgusting on this election night to listen to Socialist Party members talk about fighting neoliberalism and getting back to their progressive roots. Their presidential candidate didn’t survive the first round and the party secretary the second round. A “firedREAD ON

Lessons From Portland’s Clashes With Fascists

It was a total victory for the anti-fascists:  the march was cancelled and the fascist movement lost momentum, since it was exposed as being hated by the vast majority of people who were willing to take bold action against them. READ ON

Script For Plans To Destroy Bolivarian Revolution Was Written In Washington

Unlike traditional conflicts, non-conventional wars are based on promoting confrontations between authorities and the population, to undermine the government’s ability to function, leading to its demise without the use of a foreign military intervention. Share This:

Freedom and Dignity

For anyone that says the Palestinian Prisoner hunger strike was not a complete success, they should try not eating for 40 days and 40 nights.  After 20 days the fat is gone.  After 30 days the body is surviving onREAD ON

The Rise of the Alt-Center

  The deliberate and ongoing political engineering necessary to give multinationals their global stranglehold was introduced with predictable blowback-inducing results in much of the Middle East when left wing politicians and parties were dissolved at the behest of the US,READ ON