Violence, Revolution, and Structural Change in Latin America (Revised and expanded)

JOHN GERASSI—The basic difference between American imperialism today and American imperialism a century ago is that it is more violent, more far-reaching, and more carefully planned today. But American foreign policy, at least since 1823, has always been assertive, always expansionist, always imperialist. Of course, it has rarely been pushed beyond America’s capabilities. Thus, when the United States was weak, its interventions abroad were mild. When its strength grew, so did its daring.


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

F.W. ENGDAHL—By the 1950’s the Rockefeller family’s oil interests had transformed the American economy into the world’s largest oil consuming society. Standard Oil companies produced, refined and delivered that oil. But the powerful interests behind the oil cartel were not content to operate as an ordinary profit-making group of companies.