Will Washington Risk World War III to Block an Emerging EU-Russia Superstate?

By Mike Whitney The relentless demonization of Vladimir Putin is just one part of Washington’s multi-pronged strategy to roll-back Russian power in Central Asia and extinguish Putin’s dream of a “Greater Europe”. Along with the attempt to smear the Russian president as a “KGB thug” and “dictator”, the media has also alleged that Moscow intervened in the US presidential elections and that Russia is a serialContinue reading

No Surrender? A Critique of Guy McPherson’s Prediction of Near-Term Human Extinction

BY MOTI NISSANI No Surrender Posted by Guy McPherson on March 1, 2017 SAN ANTONIO Belize—(Weekly Hubris)—March 2017—I’m routinely accused of giving up. Worse, it is often written that the message of near-term human extinction encourages people to give up. As the primary messenger of this devastating message, I’m often at the receiving end of messages fueled by ignorance andContinue reading

Syria hornet's nest

Syria As Metaphor

[Photo: Syria is a hornet’s nest not a pinata. Credit: Daryl Cagle.] =By= John Feffer he war in Syria is a nightmare. It’s a nightmare for all the civilians who suffer from constant aerial bombardment, who are trapped without food and medical assistance inside crumbling cities, who experience the retribution of either the Islamic State or the regime in Damascus. It’sContinue reading