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Bitter Harvest: Ukrainian nationalist fantasy as film

By Jason Melanovski, 18 March 2017 Directed by George Mendeluk; screenplay by Mendeluk and Richard Bachynsky Hoover The Canadian-produced historical drama Bitter Harvest premiered February 24 in the United States, primarily showing in “art theaters” and in areas of the country with a large Ukrainian population. Bitter Harvest is another attempt to equate the “Holodomor” [death by hunger] in Ukraine with theContinue reading

Truth of MH 17

26 Journalists Sign Open Letter to Donald Trump: How About A Real MH17 Investigation?

THE WEST’S GREAT WAR AGAINST RUSSIA The object is the defeat and destruction of Russia as an independent world power. Billy Six CNN, shilling for the Hillary campaign, tried to make political hay over Trump’s statements Issue: Death of 298 people in Malaysian civilian Boeing MH-17; downed by unknown perpetrators on 17th July 2014 Dear Mr. Trump, our election has raisedContinue reading

 The Europeans Are Going to Revolt Against NATO

by F. William Engdahl It is dawning on the Europeans that NATO is nothing but bad news for them Originally appeared at Katehon Russia has made it clear that it is not the aggressor in this situation. Since Washington’s coup d’état in Kiev, NATO had their guns so close, trying everything possible to provoke Russia to make a so-called aggressive move.Continue reading