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The British Are Driving the West’s War Agenda—But Why?

RICHARD C. COOK—Nevertheless, the Anglican clergy are beholden to the British state for their salaries. Perhaps that’s one reason they are always so nice to those in charge. The British are indeed “nice” people. They enjoy life. They are “comfortable” in the world. They adore their “royals.” They understand that real democracy is rather unclean—not really for them. That’s why they still have a queen. The British are subjects, not citizens. So are the Canadians, the Australians, the New Zealanders, and many others in Commonwealth countries where the queen is the head of state.


Neocon Zionist tool Bolton likely to raise tensions even more; Trump Held Hostage in the White House

STEPHEN LENDMAN—Moscow’s response should be harsh and swift, a strong expression of disgust and revulsion over how it’s mistreated, showing resolve over what’s unacceptable and won’t be tolerated. It’s time for Russia to show strength and determination, defending its rights and security – hitting back hard against Washington, Britain, and co-conspiratorial nations.


Trump Officially Restores Cold War

ERIC ZUESSE—To Obama, all nations other than the US — even America’s allies — are “dispensable”; only the US is not. Hitler’s version was “Deutschland über alles”; and, like Amerika’s version, it comes from the accepted popular culture, not from the imperialist’s own overheated imagination. In fact, Americans respect the military above all other institutions — more than all the rest of the Government — just like Germans did, leading up to Hitler.