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Senior Editor Gaither Stewart, based in Rome, serves—inter alia—as our European correspondent. A veteran journalist and essayist on a broad palette of topics from culture to history and politics, he is also the author of the Europe Trilogy, celebrated spy thrillers whose latest volume, Time of Exile, was just published by Punto Press.


GAITHER STEWART—Although the Quadriga symbol of victory in war and the following peace has been placed on major monuments in great cities of Europe, it is conspicuously missing on prominent monuments in the United States. The Quadriga, the prominent symbol of war is absent inREAD ON


A few years ago an amusing satirical article in the Buenos Aires leftwing daily, Pagina 12, made me want to cry. In some five thousand words the Argentinean journalist José Pablo Feinmann ridiculed, among other things, the whole concept of the great wall the U.S.READ ON