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Joaquin Flores is a Mexican-American expat based in Belgrade. He is a full-time analyst and director at the Center for Syncretic Studies, a public geostrategic think-tank and consultancy firm, as well as the co-editor of Fort Russ news service. His expertise encompasses Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and he has a strong proficiency in Middle East affairs. Flores is particularly adept at analyzing ideology and the role of mass psychology, as well as the methods of the information war in the context of 4GW and New Media. He is a political scientist educated at California State University. In the US, he worked for a number of years as a labor union organizer, chief negotiator, and strategist for a major trade union federation.

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Trump or Clinton?

=By= Joaquin Flores, Special Associate Editor Every four years, Americans suspend disbelief, and pretend that there is some democratic process underway. I’ve been asked to clarify where I stand on Trump vs. Clinton, and how


The Trump/Clinton Dilemma: Lesser Evilism on Steroids

  —THE POLITICS BEHIND THE MASKS— Joaquin Flores The Wages of Contrarianism Wherein the author explains all about a likely Clinton-Trump Deal, why “support” for Donald Trump (barf) is theoretically preferable, and how Hillary can still


Behind the Syrian War: Part 1 Introduction

By Joaquin Flores A FORT RUSS DISPATCH A six part report investigating the real causes of the war on Syria Part I:  Overcoming obstacles in writing and reporting on the Syrian Conflict – Introduction he