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A Political Primer (leaflet): What’s being hidden in plain view

ERIC SCHECHTER—Regulations can’t make a kinder, gentler guillotine. The problem is not good institutions run badly, but bad institutions, founded on bad principles. We can’t end ecocide, poverty, war, and other problems until we replace our society’s real principles — hierarchy, property, and separateness — with a better Foundation: harmony and consensus. It’s a fool’s errand to try to make the lies of freedom and democracy come true, for those “principles” can’t really work.


The Democrats Can’t Save Us

NICK PEMBERTON—For this reason alone I wish Trump would have lost. We are now back to square one: believing that the Democratic Party can save us. Conor Lamb may look like a harmless lamb, but he is laying (and lying) with the wolves of the Republican Party, who are led by a disturbed child named Donald Trump. A bipartisan agreement is the most dangerous thing in Washington.


Trump’s Leadership Style

. ERIC ZUESSE—People who call Trump some kind of ‘revolutionary’ have it exactly wrong: he’s a counter-Revolutionary. He represents the feudalist tradition that America’s Founders, the people who wrote the U.S. Constitution, had waged the Revolution