In Defense of Caitlin Johnstone (Part 2)

Sneering is easy and pleasurable, and when practiced with the finesse of a Jeffrey St. Clair, it can even give pleasure. When applied to the right targets, it can even make the barbarians very hesitant about approaching the gates. ButREAD ON

OpEds: Trumped

THE DUOPOLY WATCH | Steven Jonas, MD, MPH Special to The Greanville Post | Commentary No. 74B: “Trumped ” Dateline: January 21, 2017 “Trumped” is a word that has at least three distinct dictionary meanings.  One refers to card games in which a particularREAD ON

revolution cartoon

Trump, Revolution in a Tea Cup

Cartoon By: Vincenzo Apicella. =By= Jimmie Moglia “Men judge by the complexion of the sky, the state and inclination of the day.” King Richard II he apparent enthusiasm for Trump’s success in the US presidential elections is an event historicallyREAD ON

Bill Blum: Political correctness demands diversity in everything but thought

OpEds William Blum The Empire Report Series or 50 years I’ve been painstakingly cataloguing the brutal militarism and human-rights violations of US foreign policy, building up in the process a very loyal audience. To my great surprise, when I recentlyREAD ON

To stop the far right we must oppose the EU

=By= Ken Ovenden Kevin Ovenden argues for an internationalist approach to the European crisis in the second half of a two-part series on the European question Don’t blame the Easterners t is now fashionable in Brussels to talk of anREAD ON

Jeremy Corbyn

Beware Israeli Doublespeak: A Palestinian Perspective on Britain’s ‘Anti-Semitic’ Controversy

There is a deliberate attack, a witch hunt, to effective shut down Jeremy Corbyn (UK Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition), in order to discredit his voice and leadership of a number of important issues, most particularly Palestine.