Vassal Aristocracies Increasingly Resist Control by U.S. Aristocracy

“So, the MIC is the global bully’s fist, and the global bully is the U.S. aristocracy — America’s billionaires, most especially the controlling stockholders in the U.S.-based international corporations…” What will it take to bring America to live according toREAD ON

History Annals: The Storm That Swept Mexico

The Mexican Revolution (Spanish: Revolución mexicana) was a major armed struggle c. 1910–1920 radically transforming Mexican culture and government. Although recent research has focused on local and regional aspects of the Revolution, it was a “genuinely national revolution.”[4] Its outbreak in 1910 resulted from the failure of the 35-yearREAD ON

What’s Worse: Trump’s Campaign Agenda or Empowering Generals and CIA Operatives to Subvert It?

Nonetheless, Trump, as a matter of rhetoric, repeatedly affirmed policy positions that were directly contrary to long-standing bipartisan orthodoxy, and his policy and personal instability only compounded elites’ fears that he could not be relied upon to safeguard their lucrative,READ ON

The hacking of HBO and the “Russian meddling” campaign

The recent leak of confidential HBO files by hackers calling themselves “Mr. Smith” has underscored the contrived and unsubstantiated character of the official narrative of alleged Russian hacking of the US elections.

Buried History: 27 Million Died in Russia Because Wall Street Built Up Hitler’s Wehrmacht to Knock Out Soviet Union 

“The Western public, inculcated with decades of brainwashing versions of history, have a particular disadvantage in coming to a proper understanding of the world wars…A very different ‘version’ of history has been concealed, a ‘version’ that puts the Western rulersREAD ON

Venezuelan Armed Forces Repel Anti-Government Attack; capitalist attacks continue 

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez also tweeted early in the morning, “They could not deal with the FANB, with their morale nor with their constitutional conscience, so now (they) intend to attack it with terrorist attacks. They won’t be ableREAD ON

Venezuela Regime Change Project Revealed

Dateline: August 4, 2017 In the last few decades the U.S. has grown bolder in its regime change projects. What used to be done secretly is now unabashedly done in plain sight. The 2017 Venezuela regime change project has goneREAD ON