Why The ‘Progressive’ Historian Stephen Cohen Refuses To Call A U.S. Coup A “Coup”

ERIC ZUESSE—America’s so-called ‘progressive’ so-called ’news’media claim to be bastions of honesty in American journalism, but their coverage of Ukraine and of Russia since the coup in Ukraine, and of the resultant return of “The Cold War” — which are massively important historical developments that have shaken, to the core, and transformed, international relations — has been and remains a blatant lie, as will be documented here, with special attention to a prominent contributing editor at The Nation, and elite scholar of Russian history, the putatively ‘progressive’ Stephen F. Cohen.


Corporate America Unmasked  

GARY BRUMBECK—They began when immoral plutocrats from depraved Mother England invaded the new land and brought with them a template for corporate America. The template was none other than Mad King George’s state chartered corporations. They were designed to indenture their workers, loot their customers, and enrich themselves and the King’s bank.


Welcome to 2018: Be An Active Witness

ROWAN WOLF—I am not asking that each of you (and everyone else you can recruit) call out everything that is being twisted or denied, but the phenomenon is so broad, in so many areas of our social, political, and biological lives that you can “specialize”. You can be an expert witness. With enough of us involved and supporting each other we may be able to shift the wheel in a direction away from destruction.