Barbarian Left

The barbarian left has endured the civilized left long enough. The compromises of opportunist German Social Democrats in the early 1900s played no small part in what led to Red Rosa’s execution and the rise of the Third Reich. The complacent social-democratic Spanish Republicans of the 1930s repeatedly shot themselves in the foot and hamstrung other leftists, thus practically handing SpainREAD ON

Denunciation of Trump’s Threat of Force Against Venezuela

rump is the latest in a long line of US warrior presidents, a war party president like his predecessors, continuing America’s war on humanity – using an inordinate amount of the nation’s resources on militarism, mass slaughter and destruction. Despite overwhelming hemispheric opposition to US war  on Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, ParaguayREAD ON

Shlomo Sand: Forthrightly Anti-Zionist

Shlomo Sand is not “Jewish” any more Anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism. Claiming otherwise is a long ago discredited canard. Zionism is tyranny by another name. It’s extremist, racist, undemocratic and hateful, a monster threatening anyone and anything it opposes. Years earlier, Israeli Emeritus Professor of History Shlomo Sand renounced Judaism, saying he “cease(d) considering (himself) a Jew.” 

Buried History: 27 Million Died in Russia Because Wall Street Built Up Hitler’s Wehrmacht to Knock Out Soviet Union 

“The Western public, inculcated with decades of brainwashing versions of history, have a particular disadvantage in coming to a proper understanding of the world wars…A very different ‘version’ of history has been concealed, a ‘version’ that puts the Western rulers in an altogether more pernicious category from their ordinary citizens. European fascism headed up by Nazi Germany, along with Mussolini inREAD ON