The Real War for Syria is Taking Place in Its Skies

JONATHAN COOK—Unusually, Israel admitted in early April that it was behind a strike on an Iranian base in Syria that killed seven Iranian troops. According to the Wall Street Journal, Israel targeted an anti-aircraft battery under construction, one Tehran hoped would limit Israel’s freedom to patrol Syria’s skies. The attack followed Israel’s interception of a drone over northern Israel, presumably dispatched to gain the same kind of intelligence about Israeli military bases that Israel has of Iranian bases in Syria.


The Democrats’ Unprincipled Deep State Russophobia Makes Them the Current Greater Evil

HIROYUKI HAMADA—It should be noted that since every single thing that the establishment accuses “others” of has been what they do to “others”, it is obvious that the bulk of tactics they’ve been utilizing against “enemy states” and to us is expressed in this valuable clip. Indeed, it is very common to come across one-line trolls with uncertain identities who would make disparaging remarks against socialism, communism, anything about Russia or China, or simply being divisive for the sake of being divisive.


Media Cover-up: Shielding Israel is a Matter of Policy

RAMZY BAROUD—Even before March 30, when scores of Palestinians in Gaza were killed and thousands wounded, the US and British media, for example, should have, at least, questioned why hundreds of Israeli snipers and army tanks were ordered to deploy at the Gaza border to face-off Palestinian protesters. Instead, they referred to ‘clashes’ between Gaza youth and the snipers, as if they are equal forces in an equivalent battle.