Love vs Pornography, Revolution vs Passivity

By Andre Vltchek Every great love is confusing and often painful. True revolutions are never tidy, never easy, and never faultless. It is because both human love and human passion for progress and change consists of a set of complex emotions and instincts, sometimes clashing, often co-existing somehow inharmoniously, but always creating great whirlpool of passions, which actually makes lifeContinue reading

Blitz comments: Did The Cuban Revolution Die With Castro?

It’s remarkable that Paul Craig Roberts, a man who once served in the Reagan Administration, has traveled so far to side so lucidly and courageously now with history.  Paul Craig Roberts Dateline: December 1, 2016  I just now heard (afternoon of December 1) on NPR a program with descendants of Cuban exiles celebrating Castro’s death and expressing their disappointment that theirContinue reading