Reporting from Cuba: The world awaits a ‘Cuban RT’ or ‘Cuban PressTV’

RAMIN MAZAHERI—I used to think Iran was the victim of an inhuman blockade, but Cuba’s is far worse…and that is really saying something. No siege has ever lasted longer – it’s “the longest running genocide in human history” as it is called here. Do not believe the Western propaganda that it is an “embargo” – it is most definitely an international blockade. Like Iran, Cuba is denied medicine, banking, even charity, but Cuba can’t even get basic goods: if a ship docks in Cuba it cannot touch a US port for six months, forcing shipping companies to choose between poor Cuba and the rich US market.


What is Venezuela’s Petro? It’s socialism to bitcoin’s rescue

RAMIN MAZAHERI—Venezuela, shut out from the bond market due to immoral American sanctions and international compliance with the blockade, will have a way to raise funds…and thus stop starving. Not quite as important as avoiding starvation – which the ancient Greeks called the cruelest death – Venezuela could potentially wind up with 5% of the world’s supply of Ethereum: that’s not just the best long-term investment currently available, probably, but they would help secure the overall crypto market by becoming one of the most powerful controllers of Ethereum’s price.