CARICOM Deals a Blow to US Plans for Regime Change in Venezuela

by Gerald A. Perreira, Black Agenda Report Distinguished Contributor Venezuela he US uses the Organization of American States to recruit Latin American allies for its campaign to overthrow the government of Venezuela. However, the Caribbean Community of nations rejected Washington’sREAD ON

Cuba Responds to Trump’s Affront

Trump’s Presidential Policy Directive is scheduled to take effect in 90 days. Maybe he’ll take further steps to prevent improved relations with Cuba. In a few short months in office, he broke every responsible policy pledged. Instead of draining the swamp, heREAD ON

Love vs Pornography, Revolution vs Passivity

By Andre Vltchek Every great love is confusing and often painful. True revolutions are never tidy, never easy, and never faultless. It is because both human love and human passion for progress and change consists of a set of complexREAD ON

Reporting from Cuba: The absence of right…wing politics

By Ramin Mazaheri Cuba is failing terribly in the information war…She has not realized that it needs an international media presence like Iran’s Press TV, Venezuela’s TeleSUR and Russia’s RT/Sputnik. t is with great regret that I have to leave Havana after 1READ ON

Blitz comments: Did The Cuban Revolution Die With Castro?

It’s remarkable that Paul Craig Roberts, a man who once served in the Reagan Administration, has traveled so far to side so lucidly and courageously now with history.  Paul Craig Roberts Dateline: December 1, 2016  I just now heard (afternoon ofREAD ON