Italy: The Weak Underbelly of Europe

The Malfunctioning of the Bel Paese Even though other Europeans love the country of Italy, the negative view of political-economic Italy remains. Aloof Italian leaders however overlook the patronizing superciliousness toward the nation Italy in the European Union. In thisREAD ON

George Carlin – Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be Manners

Endorsed by powerful liberal opinion shapers, PC has reached idiotic levels and is now muffling speech instead of liberating expression. It is also a temperamental question that favors social cowardice instead of courageous confrontation with the all-enveloping evil, and itsREAD ON

On Being an Agnotologist

by John Rohn Hall n this glorious Spring morning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I found myself crooning “Strawberry Fields Forever” to the blossoming butterfly bushes.  The hit song was recorded for the bemusement and ponderation of future generations by The Beatles, and writtenREAD ON


By JAKE GEE 1984 is today eorge Orwell’s 1984 wasn’t a prediction of the future, but a fictional story built around things he was already seeing around him. The basis of The Party and Oceania were built on his observationsREAD ON

The bitter fight for the top job not over yet

ABOVE IMAGE: GOERING, IN HIS PRIME. TERJE MALOY Dateline: Berlin,December 17, 1954 Eva Braun (42) suffered a setback in her quest to be the first female Chancellor, after her loss to Hermann Goering (61), the former minister for aviation, last month. People closeREAD ON

The Epicenter of the Moral Universe is Our Common Humanity, Not Religion

BY REV. WILLIAM ALBERTS But, to everyone’s endangerment, political and faith leaders alike are redefining and thus shrinking the moral universe to accommodate their self-interests. Their selective morality is especially seen in today’s presidential campaign. For many white evangelical Christians, moralityREAD ON

America in Disarray: When Cheap Propaganda is Considered Art

BY YOAV LITVIN Donald Trump, the New York billionaire turned reality TV star has managed to win support from a large share of the working class by tweeting, scapegoating and expressing nonsensical policies, even though he was a daddy’s boy bornREAD ON