PETA and the ‘S’-Word

MICHAEL HOWARD—A few polemics were attempted. Asked by a CNN colleague for his personal reaction, everyone’s favorite talking head, the venerable Don Lemon, had this to say: “An animal who gets eaten doesn’t get eaten because of their gender.” True enough: they get eaten because of their species, hence the term everyone is having so much difficulty with.


The Economic Myths of Santa Claus (Sorry, Kids!)

K J NOH— Santa’s sleigh of mystification flies triumphally in the dusk of reason, against the harsh, dark night of capitalism. It’s incumbent on those of us with thinking minds and caring hearts, to eschew this palliative narcotic and to aspire for ourselves and others, the true flight that a critical, liberated mind can attain, to struggle for the heights of justice, equality, solidarity.


Jorge Gestoso entrevista a Atilio Borón

From our Spanish TGP series:
Atilio Boron, a leading left political activist and well known sociologist in Argentina and Latin America is interviewed by Jorge Geloso about Argentina’s impending economic and political crisis accelerated by the election of Washington’s new Trojan horse in the Southern Cone, Mauricio Macri, a tool of internaitonal capital and point man for the Argentinian comprador elites. (Spanish language).