NPR Attempts To Undermine WikiLeaks’ Credibility With Deliberate, Brazen Lie

These deep state propaganda networks have got to go. America’s entire oppressive system is held together by mass media psy-ops and establishment propaganda narratives; if we can sufficiently disrupt public trust in these heinous institutions there may yet be the possibility of democracy and freedom in America someday. Here is an article I wrote recently about some strategies I’ve comeContinue reading

Dinner with Lennon, Buddha, Owsley, Muhammad, Musk, & Jesus

Since I’m an atheist, it may be surprising that my guests will include the most prominent figures from three of the world’s most influential religions.  I’ll be waiting at the front door to greet Gautama Buddha, Muhammad, and Jesus of Nazareth, but I won’t hold my breath.  The very probability that these three characters ever existed is highly questionable, being from the oh-so-distant past.  ‘Tis likelyContinue reading

How Russia Became “Our Adversary” Again

One of the many dirty little secrets of the U.S. Cold War was that anti-communism functioned as a pretext and cover for Washington’s Wall Street-fueled ambition to force open and run the entire world system in accord with its multinational corporate elite’s globalist- “Open Door” political-economic needs.  From this imperial perspective, the real Cold War enemy was not so muchContinue reading